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Skibogen, Skiing Mechanics, én af flere skibøger fra Solid Skiing
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About the book

In a universe of simple figures and pedagogical explanations Henrik Thorsen shares his knowledge of the mechanics of skiing, in an easy understandible language. Skiing Mechanics describes the foundation of all disciplines of skiing which is equal for all skiers. The book describes the external physical forces of skiing, and the challenges it creates for the balance. Skiing Mechanics thus describes why you need to move in a certain way on skis. You can read Skiing Mechanics to improve your own understanding of skiing or to pass it on to others. Skiing Mechanics is the basis for the book Skiing Technique by the same author.

These books are part of a series of books about skiing, based on practical and theoretical experience gained on several of the world’s continents. The books are written by professional ski instructor and engineer, Henrik Thorsen, who has gathered inspiration from all the great ski nations across the globe: from New Zealand to Canada, from France to Argentina, from Japan to Denmark.

Curiosity and passion has steered Henrik Thorsen through 20-years’ involvement on the international ski scene, most notably in the Danish skiing community. Henrik Thorsen has trained professional ski instructors for the Danish Ski Federation as well as the dedicated ski instructors at Ski Academy Europe and furthermore, he has taught at a long list of international ski schools, companies, high schools, ski clubs and travel agencies.

Solid Skiing started as the Danish website Skiteori.dk and its innovative and different approach to skiing quickly became very popular. Henrik Thorsen then decided to delve deeper into the mechanics and techniques involved in skiing, and his extensive research and calculations were subsequently translated into valuable insights on how to find the most direct way to a more solid, more enjoyable, freer skiing adventure.


28th of April, 2017

Paperback and e-book

ISBN: 978-87-998032-5-5 (print)

ISBN: 978-87-998032-4-8 (e-book)


Translation (Danish > English): Lauren Emma Bowey
Language editing (English): IP Words v/Iben Philipsen

This book is also available in Danish

374 g

6″ x 8″ (15.24 x 20.32 cm)

246 pages

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